Please Note: Green Gold Mastermind and Licensing Program is currently closed for registration for the season. If you had any problems joining and need help, please email!

** Please Note: Green Gold Mastermind and Licensing Program is currently closed for registration for the season. If you had any problems joining and need help, please email!

>> The Wall Street Journal dropped bombshell news today, Saturday May 13th!

>> The biggest trend in online online shops is going retail!

>> Yet another way that Green Gold is INCREDIBLY positioned to blast you ahead!

The Amazing Finale! (Registration Closes Sunday!):

>> How mature clusters work!

>> Why we’re racing ahead because of the lack of aged domain competition (and why to get started NOW!)

>> Over the shoulder! Alex making a brand new site, 1 article, no backlinks, to commissions in 5 days!

Here's Your Incredible Webinar replay (Part 1):

>> Pros & Cons: Should you build a list? (10:47)

>> Pros & Cons: Should you run banner ads? (17:41)

>> Pros & Cons: Should I use presell pages? (21:10)

Here's Your Incredible Webinar replay (Part 2):

>> Pros & Cons: P90x (3:50)

>> Pros & Cons: Cold Sculpting (8:30)

>> Pros & Cons: Hot “Dr Oz” style supplements and gadgets? (14:18)

>> Pros & Cons: Should I use CPA networks to find products? (18:28)

>> Should I use Amazon and big companies? (22:50)

Here's Your Incredible Webinar replay + Introducing Green Gold! (Part 3):

>> Pros & Cons: A product with 10x the keywords of any other industry? (4:10)

>> Pros & Cons: List building with hemp products? (9:07)

>> Pros & Cons: How good of an experience are hemp customers having? (14:10)

>> 8,000+ 4.8 and 4.9 star reviews on YotPo and Google! (21:27)
>> Introducing Green Gold! (33:36!)
>> Bonus! Sneak Peek of Fletch’s Speed Scale SEO Schematic! (1:40:05)

Brand new! Luke Gray: massive SEO pay it forward

>> Luke Gray just joined Green Gold!

>> He’s got a massive pay it forward to members, a platform greater for SEO than wordpress!

>> Luke flew in to Franklin to meet with me for a week to blow the lid!!

>> This relates back to the dramatic ranking success Fletch was sharing, and is right in line with Alex’s runaway success!

Miami Store Owner On Why He Carries Green Gold!

>> Dimitry is a store owner who holds Mike Long in good regard.

>> Once Dimitry saw and felt Green Gold’s product packaging, and found out about the ingredients and reviews he was hooked!

>> In addition to your own successful online store, you can share Green Gold with store owners at a huge profit!

>> (Green Gold stands clearly above the rest!)

Now Enjoy The Green Gold Sales letter:

Beginning in 2018, Alex made the perfect lab-tested "affiliate" product He sorely needed, just for Himself... and accidentally created the best underground exclusive affiliate dropship opportunity You've Likely ever seen.

In the next few moments, you'll receive some of the best secret news of 2023, if you have any interest in an Affiliate Marketing Mastermind + License that has the complete Package that we all dream of...

From the desks of: Alex Gould and Mike Long,
Miami, Florida

I, Alex, still remember the day, about 10 yrs ago, when ecom affiliate marketing clicked for me. It’s funny; you know how when something clicks in your mind, it probably doesn’t sound all that profound when you try to explain it to somebody else?  But, for yourself, that “click” makes such a difference!

So, even though it may sound anti-climactic when I try and say what I came together for me, here is what it was: you are trying to assemble targeted organic traffic, with conversion, together with a product.  And for ecom, you can mostly just cut-n-paste product description text plus pictures, for conversion.  The big thing was targeted traffic, which revolved around finding the right key-phrases to focus on from Google along with expert coaching on how to rank (search engine algorithm optimize).  So, I really focused on mastering researching the useful key-phrases to focus on.  And then it came down to finding a product that had an affiliate program and that targeted visitors wanted to buy.

Well, on the one hand, for the next 5 years, that turned out to be mostly correct, although I underestimated how much one of those parts – the product – would involve me metaphorically rolling a boulder up a hill, only to have it roll back down.  I did make good profits, even as high as $86,000 per month, but over and over and over, either the specific product or the entire affiliate program, would end up going away for various reasons – mostly related to the integrity of the people behind the products/programs.

I’ve experienced first-hand how heartbreaking and frustrating it is to build up a website (or multiple sites) for an affiliate product, only to have them cancel either you, for no reason, or cancel the entire program or product line.  Green Gold is built to be evergreen!  Production and demand for CBD, Delta 8 and 9, and other hemp-based products is here to stay, and my whole point in offering this program is to give you something that you can rely on for years to come.

You see, in 2018, I started a journey that eventually changed everything, taking it all to such a next level that it hardly seems real, and it has now reached a point where I’ve teamed up with Mike Long to help you smash through the two big stumbling blocks that I had to spend years struggling through. 

One, I still remember what it was like before the traffic and conversion aspect of ecom affiliate marketing clicked for me.  We want to make that “click” much easier – like clockwork – for you, in this mastermind.  It IS clockwork for us now, and by plugging into our knowledge, confidence, guidance, and systems, it can be for you as well.

Two, we’re so proud to be able to allow mastermind members an exclusive license to plug into Green Gold, the product line (and thousands of avg 4.9 star reviews) that I’ve developed, spent tens of thousands doing hundreds of lab tests for, training employees to handle our shipping (so that, for you, you get all of the benefits of plugging into drop-shipping done for you)… all while you get a 50% commission on sales of Green Gold via your own website that you’ll be walked through the exact creation of.  That 50% commission you’ll get (while our end-buyer retail customers are getting an awesome value and price as well) is something I’m so proud to be able to offer, because I was ALWAYS stuck sub 30% as an ecom affiliate myself, even in the best programs available (and often lower).

Here's Specially What Is Yours as a GG Mastermind Member:

1) Exclusive Green Gold Product Affiliate Dropship License:

You plug into all of our past (and future) stellar reviews that we’ve earned over the past 5 years.  My original brand, Mr. Hempflower, has created the Green Gold sub-brand (Green Gold by Mr. Hempflower), with its own website and product packaging, exclusively for sharing this mastermind and license opportunity with you, so you can have things so much easier than what I had to go through.

(For retail customers of the hemp products, the word “Gold” refers to gold-standard product quality. For Green Gold mastermind members, it refers to affiliate profits!)

We dropship for you, and you get a 50% affiliate commission on each sale from the website we walk you through setting up.  Green Gold is excellent lab-tested quality for a fly-off-the-shelves price.  I’ve tested hundreds of farms for about $200 per lab test (spending over $40,000 in total, so you don’t have to), and narrowed our sourcing down to just 4 high-quality farms who have decades of experience with hemp-growing.  Quality hemp products are inherently in constant demand and have a high profit margin, which is all to your benefit.

I’ve gone through a similar testing process for manufacturers of our gummies, all so you don’t have to.  There is no affiliate program out there anything like what you get as a Green Gold member.  I’ve looked for years, and if there was, I’d much rather have plugged into it myself, and saved myself so much expense and effort!

Shipping (and the related customer service) is done for you from my warehouse using my systems, software, employees, and customer management. I’ve been doing hemp-based ecommerce for years, and our products are all legal and shipped to all but a couple of states (and are shipped with a letter of legality).


2) Targeted Website Traffic Clockwork Step-By-Step Training

Although I do supplement my website traffic with other means (including by making sure to have repeat business – more on that below), the cornerstone for getting website visitors for ecom affiliate is free organic traffic.  There are millions upon millions of people coming  from search engines like Google looking for websites like ours for hemp products every month – it is like drinking water from a firehose.  There are tens of thousands of potential keyphrases, and any of us are only realistically going to be able to go after a tiny fraction of them, which is why I have no problem teaching how to copy what I do.

There are two main aspects to optimizing your own website to get free traffic from search algorithms like Google and DuckDuckGo, and neither require you to be a star like you have to be to get followers on social media. 

1) You need to do things right on your website itself, which is called “on-page” search optimization, paying attention to several different types of details that our expert training will show you precisely step-by-step what to do. 

2) For most search phrases, you’ll need to supplement your strategy with “off-page” incoming links to your website.  As usual when dealing with optimizing for algorithms, this has to be done precisely right.  As a member, you’ll have access to the sources, services, and plugins that we have tested and that we ourselves use, coupled with our exact training showing you just what to do correctly for reliable results.

Realistically, successfully powering your ecom affiliate website via organic search engine traffic boils down to following exact complete instructions from an expert who has proven themselves via multiple websites over many years.  If you have that, you are a “have” and it will work like clockwork.  If you don’t have the right source, you’ll end up as a “have-not” trying to cobble together a strategy from various supposed gurus and free video posters (such as on YouTube) looking for followers by giving incomplete, hyped, and unreliable advice.  They might sound confident and entertaining and have well-edited polished videos, but that isn’t where you want to get your instruction for this topic.

Furthermore, I’ll of course teach you how to supplement your organic traffic with the other traffic types show in the graphic above, which was taken from one of my own dashboard logins.


3) Website Conversion Training and Resources

Conversion – the turning of website visitor traffic into paying retail customers (and repeat customers), is the accumulation of dozens of small details.  Like navigating many forks in a road, I’ve been through this and arrived safely at my destination time and again.  I currently have a very highly converting (with repeat customers for a snowballing business) website that you will be modeling your own website after.  And, of course, I’ve made over a hundred such websites for various products over the years. 

I’ve driven down all of the wrong roads, split-testing and learning from mistakes, so you won’t have to.  Not only will  you learn just the right details for this website, but you’ll be gaining lifetime conversion knowledge for any other website you wish to make for yourself in the future.

The experience of customers arriving at your own site and buying Green Gold from us will be seamless, and, as explained on the webinar, we’ll actually handle email follow-up to your customers, with you credited fully for each repeat future sale.


4) Community and Your Members Area

Mike Long here, describing the Community and the Members’ Area,

We’re using Circle’s membership software, where your step-by-step training, questions, comments, and community interaction can all be in the same place, rather than spread around in places like Facebook or Discord.

You’ll begin in the Start Here section, where you’ll hear a short message from Alex and Mike, and then you’ll get instructions to set up your site template ($99) and your hosting will be $275/year (until your commissions scale up!)

The Mastermind Discussion area follows that in your left hand navigation, with a tab for you to introduce yourself, share wins (we call them Annihilation Reports, because our members are annihilating roadblocks to their success!) and finally the “Mind on Money” section, which begins with an emboldening tribute video with the late great Bob Proctor speaking out on David and Mike, the organizers of this system.

That Mind on Your Money section is your daily touchstone. 24 hours of members focusing on coming together for incredible success! I like to say that this is a City on a Hill, a place where friends come together in providence.

Because we’re focused on this ultra high quality hemp product and the marketing solutions to take it to the world, the information in this group is highly special, potent and actionable!

Next in your left hand navigation is your Green Gold Training! That is split into two sections, Product (where you’ll get your affiliate links to promote our high quality hemp products, at a 50% commission!) and become more aware an empowered when it comes to understanding our products, and another section for Traffic & Conversion, where you’ll learn how to set up your website to get free organic traffic from the search engines, and capture email addresses and affiliate sales from that traffic!

We show things step by step and where ever possible we show examples, and over the shoulder insights.

I know that this is sounding a lot like a $25,000 type of mastermind program, and I actually did strongly consider going that route, as several people who followed what I was doing requested to join if I would offer something like that, but instead I ultimately decided that I wanted to create something a lot more like the mastermind program that made so much difference in my own success, that I joined 10 years back, which was called OMGMachines.  I’ve actually teamed up with the two designers of that program (Mike Long and David Mills), in creating the Green Gold Mastermind.

I’ve invested over $40,000 just into lab-testing our products for you to plug into, not to mention the tens of thousands that I’ve put into website testing for both conversion testing and for search engine optimization testing… all so you don’t have to.

I appreciate that, regardless of whether you look at the price as a “cost” or an “investment,” you are still taking a risk, and you are still making an up-front financial sacrifice.  I’ve been in your same position.  I think that the most important thing, from your perspective, is that the pricing of the program is designed so that I, Alex, am most interested, financially, in your success.  Yes, I can try to convince you that I really do care about you and this about the Green Gold Mastermind (which is true, of course), but it is still wise of you to pay attention to the actual monetary incentives when you participate in a program like this.

Those incentives will work in your favor in not just one, but in two ways.  First, I stand to make 10X or more from your ongoing success, because of the affiliate program.  As you make affiliate sales on your website for Green Gold that I then fulfill, you make a huge commission, but I also profit, of course.  That affiliate license aspect is one of the unique aspects of Green Gold, as a coaching mastermind.  It means that I very much want you to succeed, because my long term success is tied to yours.

Second, the pricing of the Mastermind itself is broken up affordably into an extended payment plan, just like it was for me in the program that I joined in 2013 that gave me so much success.  We really want this to be affordable for you: rather than making you pay everything in three or four months, the investment is spread out $299 monthly, for 14 months

Please note: This is a payment plan, not a subscription, which means a few things.  First, you get all of the training up-front, immediately, except of course for the ongoing support and further extra training from live webinars and more.  Second, I ask that you do finish your payment plan based on the total value you received, mostly up-front, not based on me adding a lot each month (because I’m not holding back material and dripping it out, so you can succeed as fast as possible by having our whole system immediately).  Third, it realistically means that Green Gold had better be a quality program, because technically, if you ask to cancel your payments, I have to comply.  One last thing: although you can cancel if you need to, we’re not offering refunds on past payments.  That is how it worked for OMGMachines, and it was a good system.

Finally, I ask that you please take this program seriously and let it skyrocket you to success in a whole new way!  Please be a positive member of the community, and please treat myself and others in Green Gold with respect and maturity.  I don’t claim to be perfect, and I can walk with you but not carry you.  See you inside, and I can’t wait for your new journey to begin now with us!

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